Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chichenitza - January 26, 2015

it has been so much fun to be in a trio! 

i love being with hermana cruz, she is such a great addition. we have been able to do a lot more work too because whenever a sister from the ward comes with us we divide so i've been working with a bunch of members this week. i am greatful for such a supportive ward! yesterday, thanks to the help of the members there were a total of 18 investigators in chichenitza. it was so awesome to see so many people coming closer to the savior and getting to know his true church. also during sacrament meeting the bishop randomly annouced that hermana smith, elder relitz (a new missionary in the ward that is a professional singer) and i were going to sing how great thou art. we all shared a look because we had no idea that was going to happen but it turned out really great. 

also this morning hermana smith and i had a meeting with the other 3 companionships of sister training leaders and we found out that we will only be visiting the hermanas that need help in the mission and we as a group are going to decide who would best be able to help who. it turns out hermana smith and i are going to travel to campeche next week so that i can help hermana argueta! i am excited to go work with her again for a day! and also to see another state in mexcio, campeche is like 3 hours away from where i am now and it's right by the beach. 

tomorrow the whole mission is going to the temple! at 5 in the morning. everyone can go as long as they bring their recent converts who can do baptisms for their ancestors. emmanuel, manuel, and miguel are going! also jose manuel, a recent convert from april last year that just recently activated again! the bishop is going to take everyone in his big surburban tomrrow at 4:30 in the morning. i am so excited! i love seeing the progress of all of the recent converts here. emmanuel has come with us on visits almost every day this week. he is startng to think more and more about serving a mission! i hope he does, he would be so great. at first he was really nervous to share his testimony with others and now he shares his testimony and even teaches with us. 

well i love chichenitza! i feel so blessed to be here and to be a missionary.

have a great week,

hermana williams

also the camera wasn't working so i will send pictures next week!

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