Tuesday, January 27, 2015

chichenitza - November 24, 2014

hermano miguel angel was baptized this week! 

he seriously is the greatest convert ever. also the elders baptized the cutest family, roger, glendy and their son gabriel. it was such a beautiful baptismal service. all of the converts shared their testimonies after and miguel said "i'm not happy, i'm what comes next after being happy" he is so so awesome and is already preparing to leave on his mission. on sunday all of the recent converts shared their testimonies again is sacrament meeting and it was the best sacrament meeting i have ever experienced! it is such a joy to see how happy they all are and to see how excited the members are for them. the members are so great here and they work so so hard. it's great because there is a lot of work here in chichenitza. 

on tuesday we had a leadership meeting with all of the zone leaders and sister training leaders that went from 8 in the morning to 6 at night. it was such a long day but i loved every minute. the asisstants assigned hermana smith and i to give one of the capacitations and one of our topics was using the 10 points to start teaching a lesson. we got REALLY creative and came up with hymns so that everyone in our mission could memorize the 10 points better! we're going to give the same capacitation to our zone tomorrow morning along with the zone leaders and we're really excited. 

also the divisions went great with the other sisters this week. we helped the sisters a lot and set a bunch of goals so that they could improve and keep progressing and remember why they decided to serve the lord. it was a little hard because hermana smith and i were separated for a good 4 days but it was worth it. 

hermano manual is going to be baptized this week! he has been listening to misisonaries for about 6 months now and he now KNOWS that this is the right decision. we taught him last night with one of the members from the ward, hermano pacheco, about enduring to the end. about 2 or so years ago his wife died and it was the first time he had really opened up to us and talked about it and hermano pacheco helped him to realize that he will see his wife again and that while he's here in this life listening to the gospel it's probable that his wife is also listening and accepting it. i know that is true.

i know christ lives and that this church is his true living church upon the earth. i love being a missionary and being reminded of that in every little moment when i am talking to someone about that on the bus or in the streets or even the grocery store on p day. i am so thankful for the gospel in my life.

i love you all, go share the gospel with others!

hermana williams

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