Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome Hermana Cruz! - January 19, 2015

so transfers happened ad hermana smith and i are staying together and we have a new companion! hermana cruz she's from mexico city and has about 9 months in the mission she's really cute ad i am so excited to have another companion. also she was in our zone about 6 weeks ago and then she eft to another area ad came back so hermana smith and i already know her really well from doing divisions! it is going to be so fun being in a trio. our goal is to divide once a day with the members so that we can do more visits, we are going to be working working working oh and today hermana smith and i set up our hammock bunk beds so that is going to be pretty fun. 

also the assisstants called hermana smith ad i last night and told us that we were going to be the senor sister training leaders for the whole mission! i am excited to find out what the means. now there are only 8 sister training leaders for the mission so it's going to be a little crazy but great.

also michelles baptism didn't end up going through pray for her so that she can get baptized soon!

i wish i had more time to write there is so much to say and so little time! i love you all and i will write ore next week.

hermana williams

ps sorry the l m and n aren't workig too well :)

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