Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Family History - January 12, 2015

well this week was really great! it started with leadership conference with president on tuesday! on monday night the assistants called us and told us that president wanted us to share a success story during the conference. hermana smith and i decided to take a short video of manuel and have him talk a little bit about his conversion to us.it is a really sweet video! manuel's family went from just saying hi and hiding inside the house when we taught manuel to slowly listening and now coming to church every week. it has been such an amazing change. fatima and luis still need to get married before they can get baptized but we are working on it. also in the conference president talked about the importance of family history and how it helps everyone, not just members, to widen their vision and focus on the temple! hermana smith and i have been teaching family history in almost every lesson we have taught this week and we have seen the difference.

on thursday we had family home evening with manual and his family. they are all so great! oh and i don't remember if i have already said this or not but they are our neighbors. anyways we taught them the restoration and the spirit was so strong. while we were explaining the first vision to them hermana smith and i had everyone close their eyes and we sang joseph smith's first prayer while they imagined what was happening. one of the perks of being hermana smith's companion is that she has the prettiest voice! afterwards we asked them what they imagined and fatima described the vision perfectly and when we showed her a picture she gasped. it was an amazing experience. 

also on saturday night we ran into michelle, she's 15 and we've been teaching her off and on since i've gotten here and hermana smith before that had been teaching her too. we had decided to leave her becaused she stopping progressing but she asked us if we could come get her for church the next day. we picked her up and on the way to go pick up other investigators hermana katia asked her when she was going to get baptized and she goes "i don't know i keep waiting for the hermanas to come tell me when but i'm ready now!" so while we were driving to church we told her that she could get baptized next week if she wanted and she accepted. it was really casual but if all goes well we're going to have another baptism this week! sadly rosi couldn't come to church this week because she wasn't feeling good. the adversary has been working really really hard on her this past week but rosi is staying really strong and i know that she will be able to make through it.

everything else is really great here! emmanuel got the priesthood on sunday and then he came on visits with us for a good four or five hours. he is also working on his fmaily history so that he can go to the temple soon! the mission is having another temple day on the 27th and one of the requirements to go is to bring a recent convert with names and memorize 25 scriptures from the new testament. i am so excited to go again! 

well i love you all, 

have a great week and do your family history!

hermana williams

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