Tuesday, January 27, 2015

conference weekend -October 6, 2014

this week was wonderful and conference weekend topped it all off. i hope you all loved it! i loved all the talks and i can't wait for the liahona to come so that i can read them all again. i loved the talk about the sacrament by sister cheryl a. esplin, it really opened my eyes about the importance of the sacrament and how i can better apply the atoning sacrifice of jesus christ in my life. i got to watch two sessions in spanish and the other two in english with sister hoggan. we happened to watch both of the sessions where there was a spanish speaker in english hahaha.

hermano angel, the cousin of the sima family is getting baptized this week. he started coming to church with the sima family when they started rectivating a couple weeks ago and now his uncle juan, the dad of the sima family, has a baptismal date for the end of this month! we are working really hard with hermano juan because he likes to drink, and always drinks on the weekends with his friends but recently he has been coming to church with his family and he is starting to change his life. it is amazing to see. 

it's super super hot here and everyone says they've never seen a hotter october so my companion and i are dying a little. i keep praying that in two weeks i'll get sent to the beaches of campeche or progreso or somewhere cooler, but i will miss my sweet little ticul family so much.

i love you all, have a great week! enjoy fall weather!

hermana williams

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