Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas is coming - December 15, 2014

if one of you were around hermana smith or i right now you would know that christmas is coming soon because we have been walking around singing christmas hymns all week long. we are so excited for christmas!
this week was so great.
last monday "elder schwab" a return missionary that served in merida came and knocked on our door around 9 and gave us a giant box of chips and salsa (something that isn't very common to eat here in mexico) and a bunch of cookies. he served here about a year ago and came back to visit his mission and all of the houses that he lived in! he's way cool and pretty much spent the week in chichenitza playing video games with the members.
also chichenitza keeps progressing! emmanuel is going to be baptized this saturday, he is so ready and so excited. he wants to be baptized already! also 4 new investigators came to church on sunday. one older guy named henry, a cute married couple named mariela and manuel and landero. henry loved church! he is so receptive to the spirit and got teary eyed after church when he was telling us how much he liked it. hermana smith and i had to do everything that we could to keep manual and mariela's little boy manuel distracted so that mariela could enjoy church. he's 3 years old and after he took the water during the sacrament he screamed "esta riqisima el agua!" hahaha. luckily they really liked us and mariela even invited us to come eat lunch with them tomorrow. landero really liked church and then afterwards dropped us..... he told us that he would like to stick to being catholic and then when we tried to set up another appointment with him he told us no. pretty lame. we are praying that he will open up his heart and give us another chance because he was so golden. pray for him!
also december 12th was a holiday here. virgen mary day. EVERYONE here has a picture of the virgen mary outside their house and it usually has candles and flowers and a few lights around it anyways but for virgen mary day it's like 10 times worse and they put rows and rows of seats in front of her and invite all of their neighbors and they all worship together. it's so scary! 
oh also president garcia told hermana smith and i this morning that the only reason why we should ever be separated is when we get married hahaha. he said that if we keep having success in chichenitza that he won't separate us. i love hermana smith! she has been the best companion. we work so well together and we're working really hard! she is such a great example to me.
well everything is great here. we're preparing for a big long week of christmas activities to keep sharing the gift in chichenitza. it's going to be awesome. 
feliz navidad! los amo!

hermana williams

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