Tuesday, January 27, 2015

chichenitza - November 10, 2014

well chichenitza is pretty great. i feel so lucky and grateful to be here! the weeks just keep getting better and better here. and there is a lot of work! this morning and i hermana smith and i woke up really early to clean the baptismal font and the baptismal room because jasmin is going to be baptized tomorrow! i am so excited for her. it's been incredible seeing her progress these past few weeks. everyone in our ward is working really hard to keep her progressing and to help our other investigators also.

this week all of the leaders of the mission had two different conferences with president garcia in merida, and i was really thankful that i now live in merida instead of having to travel from ticul. the conferences were si inspiring. the theme of the conferences was "the vision". president garcia talked to us about having our vision and the vision of our investigators focused on the celestial kingdom, not in "coming to church this sunday" or "getting baptized" rather focusing on our investigadors to be converted and to be able to enter into the temple after their baptism and endure to the end. hermana smith and i started applying that to our area and to a few new investigators that we found and we are already seeing their ideas start to change. 

also one of our investigators miguel angel came and visited other investigators with us and hermano cesar yesterday. he is the BEST! we met a few new investigators and with one of them miguael angel practically explained the entire message of the restoration AND shared his testimony. hermana smith and i sat there with our mouths wide open. it was awesome. we also thought he was only going to be able to visit with us for an hour or so but nope. all day. in fact when we told him we had to go to the church for a meeting at six he asked if he could come with us. we told him okay so he came and while we were in our stake mission meeting he went to mission prep with cesar and now want to serve a mission. he's only 20 so as soon as he gets baptized he can start preparing right now for the mission. 

i'm still loving being companions with hermana smith. we have so much fun! oh and we already started listening to christmas music last night and praying that we will be together for chirstmas. oh and today we went to walwart to buy ingredients to make cookies to give to all of the members in our area for their help and support with the missionary work here. the cookies turned out really good!

well i love you all, 

hermana williams

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