Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Samari Swords - August 18, 2014

well this week has been a week of much learning. it has been a week with more downs than the usual ups and downs of the mission. 

on wednesday night after a long day and a few disappointments with our investigators, hermana renteria and i went to visit hermano hermano juan and his family to find out that currently him mon is in the hospital dying.

this week i learned that we have trials in life because our heavenly father knows that we can grow. after a long week of praying for hermano juan and many other investigators my companion shared a story with me about samari swords. she told me that samari swords are so strong and fine because while they're in the process of being made they're put in the burning hot fire and then are pounded many many times and each time they come out of the fire and the beatings are a little bit stronger until the process is finished and a strong sword has been made. i know with a surety that through our trials we can be made strong and that heavenly father is always listening to our prayers.

also hermana renteria and i have also been working so much with inactive families here in our branch and yesterday two inactive familes came to church! one family in particular, the moo family (yes, moo is mayan) has a special place in my heart. right now we are helping prepare omar, blanca and their two 15 and 14 year old sons to enter into the temple for the first time at the end of this month!

i love being a missionary and i'm so thnakful i still have 8 months ahead full of much more to learn. 

i love you all,

hermana williams

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