Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Christmas - December 29, 2014

merry late christmas everyone! 

it was a great christmas here in chichen. i loved being with hermana smith! we had a nice american christmas with a gingerbread house, stockings, tiny christmas trees, fake snow, and yummy treats. 

i loved skyping! i felt like i was on the couch catching up with the whole family. it all felt so normal and casual and it was really fun skyping in emmanuel's house because we had the oppotunity to get to know his family a little bit better and we taught the restoration while the other one was skpying. effective time usage hahaha.

on christmas eve we helped make the food for the 7 missionaries in our ward with hermana katia, the bishops wife. she taught us how to make fruit cocktail so we peeled a bunch of fruit and made some cream topping while she made all the rest. we ended up eating in the church with everyone and it was really fun to be together with our district on christmas eve! also on christmas day hermana smith and i had planned to do service activities all day long (cleaning, painting, laundry, dishes, ect) in houses of members and less active members and when it finally came time to serve the members that had signed up they all told us that they didn't have anything for us to do and kept trying to give us food ahhhhh. WE WERE SO FULL. 

it was also a bit of rough week trying to teach lessons because so many people were partying or drinkingbut by the end of the week we still managed to teach a few great lessons and on sunday hermana rosi came to church and brought her grandkids! hermana rosi has been so affected by her son's conversion because he and his wife and kids got baptized a month or so ago and now are so happy that she too now wants to experience this happiness. during church one of the membes of the stake presidency came and spoke on tithing. right after church ended i asked rosi how she liked it and she immediately asked me for a tithing envelope so that she could pay her tithing this week. she is so amazing. it is amazing what the conversion of one person can do for others. 

well i love you all,

have a happy new year!

hermana williams

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