Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Feliz Nuevo Ano - January 5, 2015

happy 2015!

this week was really great! it was so fun being here for new years, although we didn't get any sleep because our neighbors are big party animals and the tradition here when it turns midnight is to burn a piƱata that's shaped like an old man that is filled with a bunch of fireworks. we took a few pictures from our house of the burning old man and then we ended up chilling in our hammocks with hymns turned up really loud until we could go to sleep hahaha. we also ate so much food again! two families came to our house that night to bring us dinner and everyone else invited us over to their houses. 

also there was so much work this week! we have been finding a lot of really great new investigators through the members here. this week we had 10 of our investigators come to church. hermana rosi came with her family. she is doing so great and is going to be baptized in two weeks! also hermano manuel brought his daughter and son in law and grandkids to church for the first time and they all really liked it and his daughter said that they are now going to come every week. and then on saturday night we ran into the older sister of one of our investigators while she was with her husband and we casually invited them to come to church and they came! also the husband gave his testimony during sacrament meeting and told everyone that we wants to change his life. with the new year starting we are helping our investigators to realize that they CAN change through the atonement and the gospel of jesus christ. 

also hermana rosi signed up last week so that we could eat at her house and she made pozole (i'm not sure if that's how you spell it) because it's my favorite food and we had lunch with her and her whole family. she's so cute! i love seeing her progress. 

also hermana smith and i made a few new years resolutions. one was to speak only spanish and so far so good! we'll see how long that goes. 

well i love you all! 

hermana williams

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