Tuesday, January 27, 2015

September 8, 2014

it has been a great week here in ticul and muna...

yesterday we had an activity in muna, another little town about a half hour away from ticul and about half of our zone went to help out. the activity was just like "fill ticul with the book of mormon" but instead of watching the video of the restoration we watched the testament, where christ comes to visit the people in america. when we all got to muna we all split up in pairs and starting contacting and inviting people to watch the movie and when the movie started every seat was filled! by the time the movie ended and everyone had left we had over 50 new references for the elders in muna. it was a great night and a wonderful oportunity to share with others that our heavenly father loves us and loves all of his children and that we can come to know this through the book of mormon. i don't think i share my testimony enough about the book of mormon. i know that it is true and i know that it contains the fullness of the gospel of jesus christ. the more that i learn from the book of mormon here the closer i feel to my heavenly father because i am learning about the special plan he has for me.

i love you all, 

hermana williams

also grandma... please don't be mad that i rode a half an hour in the back of a truck!

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