Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One year! October 13, 2014

angel was baptized this week!

the program was so sweet. his older cousin isai baptized him, and many members of his family that aren't members of ther church came. i know that everyone felt the spirit. our district leader sang the primary song "mi padre celestial me ama" and right now i can't remember what it's called in english hahaha but it was really sweet. angel is so great and i know he will continue to be a great example for others for the rest of his life. he was so happy all saturday night and sunday after church.

also there is a tiny tiny little town about 15 minutes outside of ticul that belongs to our branch and last night we had a family home evening with all of the members there and a few others that they invited. hermana renteria and i were standing up teaching to about 20 people last night. it was crazy! there is a lot of work in dzan and we are going to start working there at least once a week now.

also, this week we had interviews with president garcia. i am so thankfuk for president garcia and all that i have learned from him. him and hermana garcia are so inspiring! he also told us that he was really happy with all of the progress hermana renteria has made in her training that we don't need to have an hour of training each day. we are now leaving the house at 10 after we finish companionship study in english so that we can have another extra hour to work. it has been a little tiring but we have been able to see the blessings! we found two new families to teach.

everything is great here in ticul. i love it. and i'm not ready to leave, i'm also not ready to come home! luckily i still have six months left in the mission!

love you all,

hermana williams

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