Tuesday, January 27, 2015

christmas in chichenitza - December 8, 2014

hermana smith and i are staying together for another transfer in chichenitza, i'm so happy and greatful to still be with her!
this week went by in a flash. it's crazy how quickly time is going by here.
first if all, I GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE! we woke up at 3:30 in the morning so that we could go to the 5 o clock session and it turns out that when we got there they told us that our zone wasn't going to go in until 9 o clock and that our district leader forgot to tell us. cool. luckily we got to sleep a little bit before it was our turn., and when it finally was our turn it was so amazing! it was so beautiful and peaceful and filled with light. it's undescribable. 
also i hope everyone has seen he is the gift video by now! hermana smith and i are working really really hard so that everyone has the opportunity to see it. we bring our little tiny dvd player around and the little speakers that grandma gave me and we show it to all the people that we contact and all of the lessons that we teach. this week we showed it to some guy named henry on the street and he cried. then we taught him a little bit about our message and set up an appointment to visit him this week with his entire family. also whenever we take the bus we sing a christmas hymn together at the front of the bus and then one of us preaches while the other one passes out he is the gift cards and takes down addresses so that we can go contact them in their houses. it was a little scary at first to contact an entire bus but i really love it and i love helping people to remember our savior jesus christ at this time of year. 

we are finding a few new really great investigators too! actually one of them found and contacted us on saturday night and then came to church on sunday! his name is charlie. he's 30 and is looking for the true pathway that leads to heaven, we told him we knew where he could find it. at church on sunday we gave him a little tour and we showed him a painting of the first vision and without even knowing what it was he just stops and goes "i think this one is my favorite" he's really great. also one of our old investigators michelle is starting to listen to us again! we showed up at her house on monday and she said that she had been praying for us to come and visit her again. she came to the elders baptism yesterday and really liked it.
ALSO... manual, jasmin and miguel angel just got church callings! manuel is going to be one of the assistants to our ward mission leader, jasmin is going to be young women's secretary and miguel angel is going to be young men's secretary. they are all so perfect for their callings. i am so happy to still be here with them and watching them progress. chichenitza will soon be zion.
well feliz navidad! hermana smith and i are buying a tree today at walmart to start decorationg.
los amo!

hermana williams

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