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Hi is the gift - December 1, 2014

so it has pretty much been the best week of my whole mission here in chichen, but before i forget, everyone go and watch "he is the gift" onwww.mormon.org/christmas it is the sweetest and most inspiring video and then go share it with everyone! christmas starts with christ. 

well hermano manuel was baptized this week! after months and months of listening to the missionaries and after waiting months before that for something that he didn't even know he wanted but was searching after his wife died, finally came. the gospel has really blessed and changed manuel's life. he already has his family history ready so that he can go to the temple and be baptized for his wife once he gets his recommend. also his two daughters and their children that aren't members came to his baptism and loved it. one of his daughters cried a lot and then after the baptism asked if she could take us home in her car. she took us home and we ended up sitting outside of her car and teaching her a little lesson until we had to go inside. she is really great and excited to find out more about why her dad is so happy now.

also this morning we had a really inspiring leadership conference with president garcia. i love him and hermana garcia so much. they are examples of pure christlike love and i always learn so much from every conference. after the conference ended we had time to pass off our scripture masteries so that we could go to the temple tomorrow. we had to recite all 25 scripture masteries word for word and the references to another hermana while one of the four assistants was observing. i was soooooooo nervous but i passed and so did hermana smith! we have seriously been studying our scriptures so diligently these past weeks. we wake up and recite them and while we're running we say them and then we say them while we're walking around in the street and then we say them before we go to bed. it was crazy but so worth it to go to the 
temple. also we've really felt a difference in this transfer than any of our other transfers in the mission because almost everything we do is centered on christ and the scriptures, especially our thoughts and words. the spirit is much stronger and we can both feel it guiding us.

our new investigator hermano emmanuel came to church on sunday! he is so great and he really liked it and is already starting to make some new friends there. he has been struggling with depression for a little while now but i can see a difference in him and its only been about a week since we met him. i love how the gospel changes lives. 

thanksgiving was great too. hermana smith and i ate picadillo and beans and rice! pretty mexican. i really liked thanksgiving because we went a whole entire day without asking for anything in our prayers, just thanking our heavenly father. there is so much to be grateful for!  

i love you all and i'm so grateful for each and every one of you,

hermana williams

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