Wednesday, February 4, 2015

bye bye hermana cruz, hello hermana carrasco!

so last night at about 9 the assistants called us and told us that hermana cruz was leaving to go train in a little town called baca! we were all sad when we got the call because this week has been really great being in a trio, we've had a lot of success and we've been able to do divisions almost every day! we took her to the offices at 11 this morning so that she could meet her new companion and go to her new area. then today about 15 minutes ago we got another call from the assistants saying that we are going to be in another trio with hermana carrasco! we are going to pick her up right now. i am so excited! this is the 7th time that hermana smith will be in a trio hahaha. so great.

we went to the temple at 4:30 tuesday morning with our recent converts and a few recently activated members so that they could do baptisms for the dead! i think that was one of the greatest moments i have had so far. it was so amazing to walk in the temple and see manuel. emmanuel and miguel dressed in white waiting to be baptized. i am so happy that they have gotten to this point and i know that they will keep progressing! i am so grateful for the opportunity that i have had to be here in chichen. i love every minute here. i am also really grateful that our converts sacrificed so much sleep so that they could go to temple because they realized hwo important it was. manuel and emmanuel also found a bunch of names of their ancestors to take to the temple with them, go family history! 

well hermana smith and i have to go pick up our new companion right now! i'll send pictures of her next week. she's really great and we've done two divisions before so i am really excited to be with her again! 

love you all,

hermana williams

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