Monday, January 27, 2014

hola mi familia!

what a week.

right now the only thing i can think about is the amazing spiritual experience hermana infante and i had in the gardens of the temple last night. im not sure if i have told you about maria or not but we have been working with maria for about 3 weeks now. she is one of the most amazing people i have ever met. about 2 years ago she was deathly ill and could hardly walk for a year and a half. 6 months ago she started recovering from her disease and is now back in full health. the first time we met her she told us her story of her sickness and recovery and the important role god had in her recovery. i really have never seen anyone with such great faith. last night we had a lesson in the gradens of the temple and we started to talk to her about the restoration of the gospel and in the middle of the lesson she started crying. she said that while we were talking she felt something she never has felt before, even during her recovery when she was closest with god. she said she wanted to feel this feeling more. we then invited her to be baptized and she accepted! she has attended church with us two times before so she can be baptized in two weeks. i feel so lucky to know maria and to help bring her to the gospel of jesus christ.

the rest of the week has been so great too. hermana infante and i have talked with EVERYONE that we have come in contact with. we have found 16 new investigators this week and 10 of them are living with their entire family. they are all bien potente too. i am so excited to start teaching families because most of our investigators right now live alone or live with one other person. 

well this week truly has been so great. i am so lucky to live here and to be preaching the gospel here. oh and i am also lucky to be alive because hermana infante and i were contacting a family in the street and they offered us a few of their tacos and i was deathly ill for 2 days -___-

oh also! my first baptism is this thursday. hermana infante and i have been visiting an inactive family and they have a son who is 8 and a half years old. we invited them to have their son be baptized and they accepted. they have been preparing enrique and have come to church every week since our first visit. i am so excited for cute enrique and for their family to once again feel the blessings of the gospel in their livies.

i love you all so much!

hermana williams

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