Monday, February 3, 2014

another great week in Mexico!


this week has been full of miracles. well first of all the baptism of enrique hasnt happened yet because his dad wanted to be the one to baptize him so his baptism is this saturday..... along with 3 of our other investigators!!!! maria, jhony, and jorge! it is so amazing. i am so unbelievably happy for all three of them. the biggest miracle of all is jhony. he accepted our invitation to be baptized a couple weeks ago but has work on sundays and hasnt been able to attend church. we taught him a lesson about the sabbath day this week and he told us that he wouldnt be able to live the sabbath day because he cant afford to take away any hours from his job. that night hermana infante and i fasted for him that night and during our lesson the next day he told us that that night he felt so sad and guilty and that knew he needed to find a way to be able to come to church on sundays. he said that he was going to talk to his boss the next morning and switch his hours. on the same day hermana infante taught him about the law of tithing. at first i could see that look of worry in his eyes, not only was he going to lose a few hours at work but also 10% of his income. but the spirit was so strong and by the end of the lesson jhony was so happy and accepted to live the law of tithing. he said that he knows if he makes these sacrifices so that he can be baptized and attend church that god will bless him. i know that is true. he switched his hours at work and paid his tithing last night. i was such an amazing experience to see him so humbled and so willing to sacrifice hours in his job and part of his paycheck to become a member of the church. he has such a great faith. he is such an example to me to put all of my faith in god at all times. i really am so blessed to have the opportunity to know and to help such wonderful. 

one night this week hermana infante was so starving and we had just walked in the door and there was no food in the house. we both thought we were going to die so we called our district leader to see if we could leave our house for 5 minutes to buy food, knowing that he would say no, but surprisingly he said yes. we sprinted out of our house and ran to the end of the street in two minutes to buy hot dogs and drinks from the hot dog stand!

oh also, i am teachign classes for english each week in the chapel now. saturday night was the first class and it went so well! i love teaching english and helping others. we had a bunch of members, less-actives, and investigators at the class. 

i love you all! have such a great week. please pray for maria, jhony and jorge and their baptismal date this week!

hermana williams

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