Monday, February 10, 2014

one happy missionary

my sweet family!

it was a good week to be a missionary. 

this week i had not only my first baptism, but my first, second and third. jhony, jorge and enrique were baptized this saturday! i still cant believe it. it was honestly the MOST wonderful experience. i am so grateful i could be apart of it. before hermana infante and i opened centro the area had been closed for quite some time which means no missionaries and no baptisms. when the ward found out that there would be three baptisms this week everyone got so excited. on saturday the sisters in the ward made cakes, a bunch of members came early to clean the chapel and to set up the baptismal font, and when the program started there was hardly enough room for everyone to sit. the program was so beautiful too. i loved seeing the look on each of their after they were bauptized. it really was a look of pure joy. well... enrique is a bit of a different story. the water was freezing cold and when he first felt it he announced that he wasnt going to be baptized... hahaha. after a couple minutes his dad finally pulled him of of the bar that he was clinging to and after three tries he was baptized. phew. i really am so grateful to be apart of this experience and to have been an instrument in the hands of the lord in the lives of these three people. i have seen such amazing changes in all of them, including the family of enrique. 

the rest of this week has been so great. we received two references this week, emma and gaspar, and they are both MUY POTENTE. they both have such a desire to learn about the gospel. emma attended church this week and has a baptisal date of the first week of march! it is so amazing to see her progress so rapidly. 

next week we have transers! every day hermana infante tells me that she is going to leave centro and i am going to stay here and be a trainer. i am so nervous BUT if i do need to train i hope that i stay in centro. i never want to leave centro. i love it so much here. PRAY FOR ME.

i love you all so very much. i miss you but you are all in my heart.

hermana williams

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