Wednesday, February 19, 2014

two emails this week!

mi familia!

it´s official, i am a mom. i am so so so so happy. i love my new companion! i honestly don´t knwo how i have gotten so lucky with such great companions. her name is hermana argueta, she´s 19, and she´s from guatemala. i met her yesterday afternoon when some of the hermanas had arrived from the airport and immeadiately fell in love with her. we talked for about a half hour and when hermana infante and i left i knew we were going to be companions. so far everything has been so great! after our meeting with president today we found out who would be our companions, and had lunch. afterwards we were supposed to go back to our areas to unpack and prepare for the rest of the afternoon but our stake president called me and had set up an appointment with one of his coworkers and his two sons for a lesson in the chapel so we went straight from lunch to a lesson. my companion was really nervous to talk and teach but she has a really strong spirit and towards the end of the lesson she started to open up a bit more. our lesson was so great and hermano leon and his two sons juan and david are now preparing to be baptized on the 8th of march. bien potente. i am so excited to be a trainer. i can´t wait to work work and work this week.

i wish i had my camera! i´ll send pictures on monday!

i love you all!

hermana williams

ps hermana infante wanted me to tell you how much she loves you and how special you all are to her. we had a really really really hard goodbye today but luckily i will still be seeing her on occasions for the next year. 

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