Tuesday, February 25, 2014

happy missionary

mi famila!

it has been a great week.

hermana argueta and i have had such a great week together. i love being a trainer! i am learning SO MUCH. spanish included. hermana argueta is a little shy so i have had to do most of the talking and the teaching during the lessons this week which at first was really hard because i didn´t have hermana infante to rely on, but now i feel much more comfortable with talking and teaching. also, i know i joked about how i was going to be a mom in my email last week but i really do feel like a mom. this whole week i have been saying "be careful, be careful" "watch out for cars" "are you hot?" "do you have enough water?" "do you need anything?" hahahaha i am turing into you mom. oh and by the way... the heat is starting. every day i feel like i am going to die around 2 in the afternoon, but all of the people here keep telling me that the heat is only beginning. i have no idea how i am going to survive in may. help me.

the work here has been so great too. this week we had friend home evening with fine and miguel burgos, jorge (who was baptized three weeks ago and his girlfriend daneth. it was a really great friend home evening, and yes i am keeping the tradition of friend home evening alive here in mexico hahaha. after the lesson we all started talking about our families, and when jorge shared a little bit about his family and told us that after his baptism his mom started to become really interested in our church. jorge, daneth, hermana argueta and i visited his mom emilia the next day. emilia is so sweet and has such a strong spirit. at the end of our lesson we invited her to be baptized on march 15th and she accepted. she came to church with us yesterday and during sunday school the teacher asked her if she could give the closing prayer. it was one of the most sweetest prayers i have ever heard. she said that she had been so happy all morning to go to church and that now she knows why she was so happy because she has felt so much kindness and love from her new friends at church. it was such an amazing experience to hear her prayer. i am so lucky i get to be here in mexico and to meet people like emilia. pray for her.

i love you all so much! have such a great week!

hermana williams

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