Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 3

hola mi familia

holy cow it has been such a great week here in mexico! nothing new. i´m still dying from the heat but other that that i love it here. i have some great news... hermana emilia, the mom of jorge, is going to be baptized this saturday! i am so so so so happy and excited for her. usually all of our investigators need to attend church 5 times before they can be baptized but she is what president garcia calls an "investigator of gold" so she can be baptized this saturday. after the interview president garcia gave us strict instructions that we need to baptize the rest of their family, the dad and the two other brothers. the dad has a bit of a hard heart (hermana burgos said that he reminds her of cruella deville) but we are going to have a lesson with him and emilia tonight and we are going to invite him to be baptized. pray that his heart can be softened and that he can accept our message and invitation.

hermana argueta is so great. we have become the best of friends this week! i really have no idea how i got to lucky to have such great companions like her, hermana infante and hermana smith. every day we have an hour to study spanish and english but for the most part we use the hour to study and talk in english and she is learning so quickly. she loves the english hymns that i have on my ipod and she always sings them while we´re walking through the streets, it reminds me of when dad sings and doesn´t know the song and makes up his own words hahaha.

i wish i had more time to write and update you all but i have no time today. i love you all so much and hope that utah is nice and cold! 

hermana williams

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