Tuesday, March 18, 2014

five months!

mi familia!

as of yesterday i have been out in my mission for five months... can you believe it!? TIME IS FLYING. really it has been the fastest five months of my life.

well this week has been so so great. at the start of the week we had zone conferences all day tuesday and wednesday. we listened to talks and had a bunch of practices. i loved the conferences but the best part of the conferences was that two hermanas, hermana nuñez and hermana cardenas, in our zone had to stay with us for those two days because their area is far away so basically we had a big giant two day sleepover. the first night we said our prayers and climbed into our hammocks around 10:30 but didn´t end up going to to sleep until after midnight because we talked and talked and talked... and the next night might have been worse hahaha.

hermana argueta and i have been teaching two "POTENTE" new investigators this week, hermana odysey and hermano govanni. hermana odysey is the director of the zoo... so we have been teaching her IN THE ZOO in a quiet spot next to the flamingos. hermano govanni is a friend of one of the young women, trini, in our ward so we had a friend home evening thursday night and we have been teaching him almost every day since. he came to church alone yesterday because trini couldnt come but he didnt want to miss it. they are both so so great and progressing so rapidly and... they both have a baptismal date for saturday march 29th. oh what a birthday that would be! please pray for them that they can keep progressing.

oh also yesterday i had to give two talks! TWO. one talk in sacrament and another talk in a conference that our stake had with our ward mission leaders. the bishop called hermana argueta and i saturday afternoon to tell us that we would be giving talks the next day and then on sunday i found out an hour before the conference that i would be giving a talk -___- it was a day full of nerves but luckily both of my talks turned out alright. i am so very thankful for the gift of tongues.

okay i have to go but i love you all so much. have such a great week. the church is true. share the gospel with others. every member a missionary.

los amo,

hermana williams

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