Monday, March 24, 2014

eternas pueden ser las familias

hola mi familia,

first of all thank you so much for all of the sweet birthday balloons, all 20 of them landed right outside my front door this morning! i loved reading the little notes that everyone sent me but i´m a little sad that jake never sent me one hahaha.

well i hardly have time to write but this week has been so great, and i have some exciting news for next week... i get to go to the temple this saturday, ON MY BIRTHDAY! our ward mission leader and his family have been members of the church for about three years now but they haven´t entered the temple yet. when hermana infante and i first met hermano edgar and his family we started teaching and preparing them to enter in the temple and be sealed as a family. this sunday the alonzo family invited us over for lunch and after lunch they told us that they had a special announcement for us. we all gathered around in their front room and hermano edgar, hermana carol and their 4 kids all sat togther on one small couch and we sang "eternas pueden ser las familias" or in english "families can be together forever" and then told us that this saturday they are going to enter the temple to be sealed as a family. it was the sweetest moment. they asked us if we would be able to attend and i knew we wouldn´t be able to but i called our president anyways to ask and by some miracle... he said YES. i am so happy for the alonzo family and for the oppotunity that they have to enter in the temple and be sealed as a family this saturday. i am also so thankful for the resorted gospel in my life and that through the restored gospel by the power of the preisthood we have the opportunity to be sealed as eternal families.

i love you all so much my sweet eternal family! it will be a little hard to be apart from you all this week but know that i am so so happy here and that i am here in mexico with my second family. 

i love you!

hermana williams

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