Tuesday, April 1, 2014


hola mi familia,

well this week i turned 20! i feel so lucky to have been in mexico on my birthday and to have celebrated it with my large extended second mexican family here. it is hard to describe all the love that i felt that day, and the next day, and the next. in the past three days i have eaten 4 different cakes with four different families! calories dont count in the mission, right?

on my birthday hermana glendy took hermana argueta and i out for authentic yucateca food. i finally tried cochinita, which is apparently the most popular food in the state of yucatan, and i loved it! then we went to the herrera family's house to have a lesson with their cousin and after the lesson we had cake... but the cake ended up getting all over my face. apparently the tradition here is after everyone sings happy birthday that the person who is having a birthday has to take a small bite of the cake and me, without knowing, took a bite of the cake and got my face pushed into it. ahhhhh got to love the traditions here. then afterwards we went to the stake center to watch general conference. i feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to watch general conference on my birthday. i loved listening to the messages and seeing the conference center. it was such a beautiful experience.

also, i loved your package! i cried the whole time because i have the sweetest, cutest and most creative mom ever. thank you so much mom, and mitchell jake and dad. i loved all the cute things that mom put in my package but i especially loved your birthday cards. i am so thankful to have the best family is the world, and im glad to know you're all exactly the same. mitchell's letter said "hey bre, happy birthday, you're so old. while i'm writing this letter mom is crying and dad is listening to some sad song and crying too so you could say things are pretty cool around here" hahahaha i died. also he told me to celebrate with a coke but i'll have to put that off until next year (and two weeks) wow time is flying by so quickly.

i love you all so much!

i can't wait to chill with you all soon

hasta la vista baby,

hermana williams

oh also, hermana argueta and i and the alonzo amily didn't end up getting to go through the temple because it was closed for conference so hopefully we will get to go on april 12th, their new date.

oh, and we had transfers! i'm staying in centro with sweet hermana argueta. 

ps, happy birthday uncle marty! hope you have a great day. love you!

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