Wednesday, January 1, 2014


oh mi familia. 

this week has been SO GREAT. maybe its the special christmas spirit... but its the best week ive had on my mission. last monday after a long day of shopping and our district meeting familia burgos took us out for REAL mexican tacos because i hadnt tried them before... which by the way lonestar taquiera doesnt even compare... and helped us coordinate members in our lessons this week because we are doing WORK. really. one day we left the house after personal study because we had an appointment at 8:30 and didnt get home until 9:30 that night. surprisingly, it was such a great day. i love the work here! 

i dont have any updates for josephina or silvia because they both left at the start of the week for christmas but... i have another great update... jesus accepted our invitation to be baptized! i dont remember if i told you about jesus or not. he is 19, so great, but has struggling with an addiction to drugs for many years now. during our first lesson he told us that he didnt believe god had love for him because he is a "bad person" so we taught him about the love and mercy of god and after our lesson he made the decision to stop using drugs. since then he has stayed so strong. it is amazing to watch someone change their life. 

on thursday we had a christmas program and dinner and invited jesus who invited two of his friends, angel and javier. before the program started we walked over to the temple grounds and had a short lesson and the spirit was so strong. i am so blessed to have a temple not only in my mission but my area. after the lesson we were walking into the chapel and jesus stopped hermana infante and i and took out his piercing and gave it to us because he didnt want it anymore. ahhhh he is a miracle. i love the people here. 

this week has also been so great because my spanish has improved SO MUCH! i am really starting to realize how blessed i am to have a native companion and a companion who is so willing to teach me spanish. we talk to eachother all day long and whenever i say a word wrong or use the wrong verb she'll always help me. she is an angel. i love hermana infante so much. i never want to leave hermana infante or centro. i am praying we stay together for another transfer. 

so... yesterday was christmas! missionary christmas. it was the BEST. we were with our mission presidents and all of the other missionaries in the merida mission the entire day. which means i saw hermana smith! oh and guess what? she didnt even recognize me. im not kidding. apparently i am blonde now. after she realized it was me she screamed and ran and gave me a big hug! it was so so great to see her and hear all of her experiences. ahhhh the entire day was SO GREAT. in the morning we had a christmas program. each zone sang a hymn and two people from each zone shared a spiritual experience from their mission. most of the missionaries who spoke are finishing their missions in the next month or so. some in two weeks! presidente and hermana garcia spoke at the end of the program. i love presidente and hermana gracia so much! i couldnt imagine having any other mission presidents. theyre more like our second parents. they are so sweet and loving and kind and always refer to us as their hijas and hijos. after the program we had a christmas lunch and then after lunch we had a talent show. a group of elders did magic tricks, one hermana played the flute, another elder played the harmonica, and a whole bunch of missionaries sang. it was so much fun. after the talent show we exchanged gifts and i got bright eyeshadows... so it might be even more difficult to recognize me tomorrow... chiste. then after the gift exchange we talked and talked and talked and took so many pictures. it was such a wonderful christmas. it truly is an amazing experience to spend christmas with 150 other missionaries and my mission presidents who arent able to spend christmas with their families. 

spending christmas away from home also makes me so grateful for my dear family. i miss and love you all so much! i am so so excited to skype you all tomorrow. hermana infante is skyping her family right now and i just met them! i got teary eyed while i was talking with them because i thought about tomorrow. HOLY COW. i am so excited. i love you all so so much! 

¡te amo ustedes mucho!

hermana williams

oh ps i forgot to mention....... i doubt anyone will believe this but i am now the navigator of the companionship. im not kidding! somehow i understood directions one day and ever since then i have been the navigator. 

oh pss sorry for crashing christmas dinner hahaha

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