Wednesday, January 1, 2014

hola de mexico

my sweet family!

i cant believe its p day again.

i swear i skyped all you yesterday. i loved seeing your faces and hearing your voices. it was a little weird too because after the first two minutes it felt like a normal conversation. it was like i left home last week. i cant believe i almost have 3 months in my mission! holy cow. time is flying. 

this week has been so great. the rest of my christmas was so great too. i had such a wonderful day.. except i am really missing movies. i hope you all enjoyed your christmas movie! there is a theater in santiago park and the movie pictures are displayed outside and frozen looks so cute. temptation is real hahaha. 

hermana infante and i made a new best friend this week.. our investigator glendy. she is the owner of a small convience store. we met her last week and after we introduced ourselves and talked to her for a few minutes she practically offered us her entire store. juice, popsicles, bread, chocolate, suckers, cookies. at first i only wanted juice and when glendy wasnt looking hermana infante hit me because i was being rude. help me hahaha. glendy is so great. the day we met her we had a small lesson with her and invited her to come to church. after church she thanked us a million times for inviting her and asked us if we could have lunch with her and teach her sometime this week. we went to her house on thursday and she had christmas presents for us. new bath towels and a bunch of chocolates. she is the sweetest. during our next lesson we got to know her a little better and found out that 5 years ago her son died and she struggled with depression for years until her daughter was born. we taught glendy the plan of salvation and how she can see her son and live with him again some day. it was such a wonderful feeling to see so much happiness and light come into her eyes while we were teaching.

jesus is also so GREAT. hermana infante and i visit him almost every day even when we dont have an appointment to remind him to stay strong and remember his commitment to be baptized. we also had a really powerful lesson with him and the bishop this week. before we started the lesson the bishop gave him a blessing of strength to not give into his addictions. so far he is staying so strong. it is so amazing to watch him change. 

this week has also been a very humbling week for me. hermana infante and i met and are teaching a family with almost nothing. the mom, son, brother and grandma live in a small one bedroom room inside of an old hotel. the brother is sick, mentally retarded and handicapped. the room they live in is about half the size of an average bedroom and contains their clothes, hammocks, the little food that they have hanging from a wire in grocery bags and a a small bucket for a bathroom. their situation is so hard. after we taught them the first time i have never felt more humbled or more grateful in my whole life. there are so many simple things i take for granted like a healthy body, running water, fresh food, and a home. i said the longest prayer of gratitude the night of the day we taught their family. 

i know i say this every week but i love living in mexico. i wouldnt trade these experiences that i am having for anything. i am so so thankful for all of you. i love you all so much!

hermana williams

ps. hermana infante has spanish disney songs on her little music player so i am learning tangled songs in spanish. it is the BEST way to learn spanish hahahaha.

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