Saturday, January 11, 2014

hi all!

well i have some major news.. 


i am leaving centro for the pueblos and learning mayan! i am so nervous i hardly know spanish. i leave cento tonight.


i am staying in cento!!!!!!! and the best part is i am staying with hermana infante. gracias a dios. i am so so so so grateful. hermana infante and i found out we were staying last night at 8 with a phone call. we both screamed and ran danced in the middle of the street. its also her birthday tomorrow so i am so glad i get to be with her. i bought her the cutest case for her hymnal. and we bought food to make pancakes in the morning. 

well this week can basically be summed up in one word. WATER. the first reason is because i have NEVER experienced rain in my entire life like i have this week. the first of many rainstorms this week started on the 31st. hermana infante and i walked out of a lesson and into a downpour. we had a 30 minute walk home and in 2 minutes i was completely soaked but we made it so fun. we sang hymns, jumped in the huge puddles in the street, oh and got splashed by cars... exactly like the movies -__- after the first storm i started bringing my rain jacket with me and honestly i have never loved an article of clothing more. which says a lot.

the second reason is because my first baptism is this FRIDAY. our investigators name is adrian and we met him last TUESDAY. adrian works in the gardens of the temple and has for about a year now. he works with 8 other men and 7 of them are members of the church. he has learned so much about our faith through his coworkers and has even attened church with them. the first day we met him he took a quick break to talk with us and expressed that he has a hunger to learn more about our faith. he then took another break so we could start teaching him the lessons. our first lesson was IN the waiting room of the TEMPLE. i cant even describe how strong the spirit was. while we were teaching one of the little pictures of christ on our pamphlet was hanging on the wall right behind him. it was so amazing to watch him turn around and look at the picture and lit up. we then invited him to baptism and he accepted and asked how soon he could be baptized. heavenly father has prepared him so much for baptism! i am so grateful for the opportunity i have to be an instrument in the hands of the lord for the baptism of adrian. so soon he will be able to feel all of the happiness and blessings of becoming a member of our church. he also wants to be baptized in the sea and hermana infante and i can go because its not too far. i am so excited!

there have also been a few small disappointments this weeks. the baptism of ana fell through because she has been out of town for so long and..... the baptism of jesus. we found out that he hasnt been staying as strong as he was telling us. we are still working with him and helping him but it will be a long process for him to truly change but hermana infante and i have so much faith that one day he will change. however we have been working much more with javier, his friend. javier is so great! he came to sacrament this week and then asked if he could stay longer. so great. we are inviting him to baptism tonight. 

the work here is so great. as always! this sunday we were practically running around the chapel helping our investigators, less active members, and meeting references from members. we met 8 new investigators this week! so so so so great.

i have to go. i wish i had more time!

i love you so much family! te amo muchisimo. 

hermana williams

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