Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014

mi familia!


this week was a bit of a hard one, but i realized last night during my prayers how thankful i am for the difficult times because i am learning how to be more thankful and grateful. 

the baptism didn´t end up happening this week. adrian had a problem with a more serious sin that we didnt know about until his interview for baptism. he had an interview with our president after we found out and our president decided that it was best to wait. he is now going through the process of true repentance. i am grateful that we helped adrian to get to this point so that one day in the future he can be baptized. it is also a good reminder that the baptisms of my investigators aren´t my baptisms but the baptisms of the lord. 

also, all of my pictures got deleted off of my camera yesterday. i left my camera out during lunch and one of the valencia boys accidentally deleted all of my pictures. after we left their house i think i cried more than when i left you all hahaha. hermana infante and i said a prayer of comfort in the street and when we got to the house of our investigator trini i was so comforted. she was hit by a car in the street three weeks ago and has to stay bed for the next eight months. while we were talking to her she said that she is so thankful to have her life and that her little trials in life before her accident don´t even compare. it was EXACTLY what i needed to hear. it made me realize how small of a trial it is to lose a few pictures. plus i have 15 more months to take pictures. i am actually very lucky it happened now and not later. 

i love being a missionary because i have the opportunity to learn from each person i talk with. last night after our lessons i came home and started a gratitude journal and i am writing down one thing i am grateful for each day. 

ahhhh i promise this week wasnt as bad as i am making it sound. it was really great too! hermana infante´s birthday was on tuesday! we had such a great day. in the morning i gave hermana infante her present and we made pancakes and after our lesson with glendy later in the day she took us out to lunch. then we went and took pictures at the temple before our next lesson. i am so lucky to have such a great companion. we are more like best friends than companions. 

oh also there was a holiday this week. rosca de reyes. its this tradition where you buy this bread and get togther with your family and everyone cuts their piece and inside is a baby jesus and if the baby jesus is in your piece of bread you have to buy tamales for the whole family on february 2nd.. we celebrated rosca de reyes with the burgos family and other young couples from the ward.... and i got the baby jesus -___- hahaha.

also the work here is unbelievably great. we have four investigators right now with baptismal dates and all of them are progressing so rapidly. also we had so many investigators and less active members at church yesterday. again hermana infante and i were practically running around the chapel to make sure everyone was taken care of. i love being a missionary.

i love you all so much. hopefully my email wasn´t too big of a downer hahaha.

hermana williams

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