Monday, January 20, 2014

hola familia!

this week has been SO great. it also has gone so quickly.

well first of all grandma and syd, i finally received your package this week! it was well worth the wait! i wanted to die when i saw Candy cane joe joes. the necklace is so beautiful too! muchísimo gracias. i am so grateful to have such a sweet family. i am also so grateful that you included hermana infante in your package. she started to tear up when she saw that one of the packages was for her. she has never received a package or a letter since she left home and she has been out in the field for more than 6 months.

the work has been so great. we have has so much of it too! a couple times this week we have had to split up with members from the ward so that we could make it to all of our appointments. at first i was so nervous to teach lessons without hermana infante. so so nervous. luckily all of the lessons that i taught with members this week went so great. i am very grateful for the gift of tongues.

our investigators are doing so great too. im not sure if i have told you about jhony or not but jhony is 74 and he accepted our invitation to be baptized a few weeks ago. at first he wasnt progressing very rapidly because he hadnt been praying to know the truth of our lessons. well, we taught him a powerful lesson about the impotance of prayer and at the end invited him to give the closing prayer. he accepted and finally prayed in front of us. we visited him the next day and asked him if he had prayed that night. he told us he had forgotten to pray and we were devastated. but then, he said that he woke up at 3 in the morning and was so bothered by something that he couldnt fall back asleep. he finally remembered that he needed to say his prayers. he said he said during his prayer he felt something he never has felt before and knew that he needed to be baptized. it was such an amazing experience to listen to. i wanted to cry.

the rest of our investigators are so great. i wish i had hours to tell all of the stories that happened this week. i promise im writing in my journal every night so that i wont forget to tell you all of these amazing experiences that i am having.

i love you all so much! have such a great week. ugh especially you jake.

hermana williams

oh i forgot to mention.. hermana infante and i killed a scorpion in the house of our neighbor this week. she is from france and lives alone. she knocked on our door at 11:30 at night and could hardly speak enough spanish for her to tell us that she had a scorpion in her house. it was so scary and i thought i was going to die but we went over to her house and hermana infante was so calm and casually killed the scorpion with one of those broom things that you use to clean the shower. 

i am lucky i am alive hahaha.

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