Saturday, April 11, 2015

three musketeers

so we broke a mission record this week! hermana smith, janxo and i found 27 new investigators! the assistants have been sending out little texts the entire week that say "find, teach, find, teach" and "eat a good lunch so that you can keep finding new investigators #assistants" so we decided that we were going to talk with as many people as we could this week. on saturday we found a family of 11! we started out by talking to a few of the kids that were by the gate playing soccer while their family was eating and then they let us in and we invited their whole family to listen. it was the first time that they had ever talked with missionaries! the lesson was really great and they all seem really interested. when we started the lesson we explained to them that god is our loving heavenly father and played head, shoulders, knees and toes to show that he has a body of flesh and blood. 

it has been so awesome to be in a trio again! i love it, and hermana janco is a wonderful addition. we have so much fun. we laugh all the time and then try to be serious and laugh again but we also work really hard. we have aqlso been able to do a lot more divisons with the hermanas in the other zones that we are over. i went to alta brisa this week and got to work with the other hermana williams and hermana jimenez!

ohhhh also we took mishel and her older sister to the temple this week! mishel's sister kati has listened to missionaries before back when she was 15 and went to church and even seminary but never chose to be baptized because she was so young. we met her the day before our temple trip that we had been planning and she accepted and even stayed for the family home even that we did afterwards with the palma's. it was so great that she was there to support mishel and mishel finally told us that she's ready to get baptized this month! also kati works a lot, and even works on sundays but really soon we are hoping that she'll come to church.

well that's all for this week, have a great week! i love you all.

hermana williams

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