Saturday, April 11, 2015

March 24

well SO MUCH happened this week... 

i'll start with last monday because almost every day was filled with something crazy. on monday we went to the zoo with mishel! animaya is like 40 minutes away from our area and we had to take two different buses to get there but it was so worth it! we got to go on the safari tour and we got really close to the giraffes. 
tuesday and wednesday were pretty normal and then thursday was so scary. my companions and i were starting language studay when the assistants called and asked for me and they told me that i had special changes and that i needed to pack all of my things nd be in the offices in one hour. i was so sad and so were my companions, especially hermana smith. we hurried and packed ALL of my things and i called mishel and emmanuel and a few others to say goodbye but i couldn't stop crying and then we called the franco's to come help us take everything to the offices in their van. while they were coming to get my things my companions told me to call president to ask if there was anything he could do and he told m no because an hermana had to go home for health reasons and that there wasn't another option. we all layed in the hammock and said our goodbyes and cried a little and then suddenly president calls and told me that he figured everythign out and that i didn't need to leave anymore. best call ever! io am so grateful that i'm finishing my mission in chichen! it's like home. 
on friday the zone leaders and my companions and i had a meeting with president and the assistants in centro to talk about the zone and things we can do to help the missinaries to meet thier goals. while we were finishing the meeting the assistants were going to go work with our zone leaders and president told us that he wanted to come work with us in our area. president drove us around in his van the whole day and visited all of our investigators. it was so fun being with president all day! i learned so much from him. he invited ALL of the people that we visited to be baptized the next day and mishel and marcos both accepted! mishel was baptized on saturday!!!!! marcos had an interview with president and president decided that it would be better to wait a little bit longer but we are hoping the he gets baptized before the transfer.
saturday was so great! it was the anniversary of the refief society so the stake did an activity where each ward presented a traditional dance. mishel danced with the relief society and then right after the activity she changed and her baptismal program started!!!! her family came and the room was so crowded and it was so sweet. while she was changing we had everyone in the room write her little notes and we collected them all and made her a little book so that she can remember everyone who was in her baptism. alo emmanuel baptized her! 
on sunday all of the missionaries in chichen ate at emmanuel's house!
on monday elder flores our district leader called us and told us that he had special changes and we didn't believe him because we had joked with him about my special chnages but then we went to eat with his invesigators and found out that it was true. we were all really sad and we told mariana to get baptized that day because she was going to be baptized on sautrday and she told us that she wanted to so we planned a last baptism and finished all of her lessons for elder flores hahaha. 

and today we woke up at 3:30 to go to the temple at 5! it has been a suxh a crazy week but i love it and couldn't ak for anything better!

i love you all! aslo see you in 3 weeks!

hermana williams

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