Saturday, April 11, 2015

March 16 zoo

hola mi familia y amigos,

well it's been another really great week here with hermana smith and hermana janco, and all of the other members and investigators in chichen! on friday emmanuel had friend home evening in his house and he invited mishel and pedro. they are both so great! a couple weeks ago we watched the restoration with pedro at the palma's house and the other night pedro told us that he had a dream that heavenly father and jesus appeared to him, just like joseph smith and then heavenly father told pedro that he is talking to him through hermana smith and i and then hermana smith and i appeared in his dream! my mouth was wide open the whole time he told us about it, i have never heard of such a clear answer before from any of my investigators but i am so glad that he received his. after pedro told his story to everyone the lesson just kind of turned into a testimony meeting and mishel shared her testimony too! she is so cute. 

also a couple weeks ago while hermana smith and i were looking for someone we met marco! marco is 50 and lives with his mom. he has had a really hard life and has been looking to change. we showed him mormon message about a man that rescued a bird and gave him another opportunity to live because god had given him a chance to live and start over thanks to the gospel. he really felt the spirit and ever since he is doing everything possible to change, he's read the scriptures and he even came to church yesterday and the baptism on saturday! i am so excited for him.

i wish i had more time to write today, but we're going to the zoo with mishel and possibly emmanuel! 

i love you all, have a great week!

hermana williams

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