Saturday, March 7, 2015

t r a n s f e r s

well last night hermana smith and i were in the middle of watching the joseph smith movie at the palma's house with our new investigator pedro when we got the phone call about our last tansfers. we ran outside and found out that we are staying together for six more weeks! i am SO happy! this will be our fifth transfer together. we are also going to be in another trio with hermana janco! hermana janco is really great. she's from bolivia and has about 14 months in the mission. we are training her to be a sister training leader so that she can take over when we leave.

this week has been really really great! yesterday was fast sunday and mishel gave her testimony in church! she talked in front of the whole ward for a few minutes about how she finished reading 1 nefi and how her testimony has become so strong and how she has experienced a lot of changes in her life in the two months that she has been listening and going to church. i love seeing her progress and i am hoping that really soon she will decide to be baptized! we are planning on taking her to the temple sometime this week and the esteve's (my cute grandparents from my first area that work in the temple) are going to come with us and then after we're going to go back to their house with mishel for a treat. today we ate lunch with the esteve's and they are just so great! they finish their mission in june and they are already making plans to go serve another.

on saturday there were three baptisms in our ward, one in the morning and two at night! the elders have been working really hard and chichen keeps on growing. 

wellll as of now that's everything but i'm sure that there will be a lot to talk about next week. as for now i'm just really happy with my transfer! i love you all have a great week!

hermana williams 

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