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okay okay i realized how much my emails suck, so i decided to bring in my journal so i can remember all the things that i have done this week. here we goooooo. 

so Wednesday was the best p day ever! some guy paid for our food at burger surpreme (I must be living right) and then we went to the temple and did sealings for daughters!!!! spiritual high. i can't even imagine how happy those children are that they get to be with their families forever!! it made me miss you all so much. i love you guys! 

HALLOWWEEEEN. k mom you're the best ever! the mustaches were a hit and there was enough for each person in my district to have one and, surprisingly, we didn't get in trouble. LOL. my companion and i also dressed up as hippies and jake i wore socks and jesus sandals and no one yelled at me hahahahah, but i had to teach a lesson and felt so AWKWARD but like who cares right? no judgement at el CCM. 

on Friday we did TRC's which is talking to volunteer members in Spanish and holy cow it was amazing. we talked with three different ladies and the first one was the cutest mom of 9 and half of her kids have already served missions and when i was struggling to find a word she would say it for me or say a few sentences in English. she was so sweet! the two other ladies we talked to were from chile and it was reallllly hard to understand them at times but i would just say "repitia por favor" with a big smile and they would slow down so i could understand them. 

i honestly can't remember Saturday right now but Sunday was fast sunday and it was so amazing. i fasted for each of you! it is amazing that the day after i fasted for you all i got your dear elders about your job interview dad! i am so happy for you. would you all move to Idaho?  i want to hear more details so i hope your letter comes soon mom. i had a really strong feeling that it could be a blessing to our family. good luck dad! 

OH and..... BIG NEWS....... on sunday i was called to be a sister training leader with my companion for our entire ZONE! i am so excited. the STL's helped me so so much when i first got to the MTC and they would visit us and say goodnight every night so that is now me and HS job! I LOVE IT. seriously. we go to bed so much later because we talk and talk and talk with the other hermanas but i love it so much! oh and we also get 4 new hermanas and 10 new elders tonight! so we'll be in meetings and playing get to know you games and showing them around all night so..... NO CLASS. lol jk i love class. it's the best! 

we teach a lesson almost every day and it's always really nerve wracking but i feel so great afterwards. 

oh also other big news..... BIG BIG NEWS........ i got my visa on monday!!!!! i get to go straight to Mexico! ayayayayaya! i am so excited. HS and i took the front runner into salt lake city to visit the mexico consulate to get our visas. i waved to your work mom! i was hoping that you would be looking out the window and thinking of me even thought you had nooooo idea i was out there. oh also to consulate was right by the bee's stadium! so chill, so many memories. i took a picture in front of it! 

i have so many pictures to send. tuesday night was amazing as usual. the devotionals at the MTC are amazing! seriously. i wrote down two pages of notes because i was so inspired. oh and that reminds me... mom could you send my anthropologie journal so i can use it as my spiritual journal? i want to put all of my devotinal notes into a journal so i can keep them safe intstead of the random notebook i've been using. 

you guys! i miss you all and i love you so much but i love the MTC so much too. i love everything about it. classes, my companion, devotionals, movies, mormon messages (WATCH MORMON MESSAGES. we get to watch a few everyday after we do our grammar on the computers and OH MY GOSH they are GOLD), scripture study, speaking "spanglish" 24/7, and everything else. the MTC is truly the greatest place on earth! i am happier than i've ever been. i could tell you how much i love it 1,000 more times and that wouldn't be enough. 

 thank you all for the dear elders and letters and notecards! they keep me going. also let the rest of the family know how much i love them!


Hermana Williams (HW in my district)

PS no one ever gave me Jake's email so someone HMU with it or forward this to him please

PSS THREE WEEKS. like what? where has the time gone? i'm not ready to leave the MTC. CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M HALFWAY THERE???!!!

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