Wednesday, October 30, 2013

week 2 feeling great!

hola todos!

holy cow i am so flustered when i write emails and letters because i cant ever remember what i did this morning, let alone last week!! THE DAYS ARE LONG BUT THE WEEKS FLY. thank you for the packages everyone! they save my life.

ready for some funny stories_ (sorry the question mark doesnt work this keyboard is crap) but okay here it is, soooo i didnt have an alarm clock so i bought one here,,, come to find out it TICKS SO LOUD AT NIGHT so the next morning i took it to go throw it away before class and my companion had the best idea to hide it in the other districts room and set it to go off at random times so hahahaha the alarm clock is the best prank the MTC has ever seen. we still laugh all the time. i love mi companara! shes so cute. every night we jam out to the lower lights and eat pumpkin bread. alsoooooo shes the best singer ever and is teaching me how to read music so choir practice this week was really fun! ahhhh i love her. the MTC IS THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. the food is still gross. thank you for the almonds mom! send more snacks please! nate just told me that i needed to enjoy the food because the food in the field is 1000x worse sooo i might die in Mexico -____- 

hmmm what else! well sundays and tuesdays are my favorite days! we get to go up to main campus for devotionals. we walk and it takes like 20 minutes and its freezing but its so so fun!

classes are getting better! i am learning so much. i can pray bear my testimony and teach parts of a lesson in spanish! we teach almost everyday now and i get anxiety every time but they're getting better and better! i didn't even use notes last time! the gift of tongues is real. however you have to put in so much hard work to receive it. we study so much every day and when were not in class we have a ring of flashcards that we stick to our skirts to practice. i really do love it here! its freezing but part of me doesn't ever want to leave the mtc. best place on earth!! 

i am so thankful that i chose to serve a mission. its hard at times but so worth it! i love my other teacher Hermano Cuadra tooo! hes the best!!!!!!!!! gosh i love and miss you all. mitch and jake dont be shy to write more than two sentences hahahahaha. holy cow tell me how halloween goes and mitch send me screenshots of monstermash pictures! 

was there a utah game_ there was a byu game and there were people everywhere. if i come home and want to go to byu don't let me hahahahha I LOVE YOU GUYS! best family ever. i miss you! im always praying for you!

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