Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The first P-DAY letter


I LOVE THE MTC SO MUCH. best please in the world. i love my companion. she's my best friend.
we laugh ALLLLL the time. the MTC is one big party, with a lot of learning, studying, and reading. i just love it all! 

i wake up every morning at 6:15 so i can have enough time to get ready (who's shocked or screaming?) then we have personal study at 7 (which i live for!!!!! best time of the day. the BOM is so true) then we eat breakfast, laugh, study, language study, lunch, study, language study, exercise, dinner, LANGUAGE CLASS (tied for the best part of the day) and then go back to our apartments and get ready for bed! YES APARTMENTS. we are living the good life over in west campus. at first i was a little mad that we aren't really apart of the MTC but i LOVE IT. it's a true testimony of how much heavenly father KNOWS me. my companion and i have a huge room (im on top bunk lol) closet and bathroom! i love it. we also walk everywhere so basically i have chills 24/7 because its so cold but also because the spirit is so strong, i love it here!!!!!

i know that i wouldn't be able to go throughout my day if it werent for the spirit to guide me and help me to wake up happy and be happy throughout my day. holy cow what else. i am learning so much spanish! i have taught two lessons, and surprisingly one went really well and the other i could barely get words out. we are teaching again tonight and i am so excited! i love my spanish teacher. he only talks in spanish and i can finally mostly understand what he is saying. hes the best ever! hes hilarious. i am always laughing here!!!!!!! 

sunday was the best day so far. HOLY COW. go watch the character of christ. it's the movie we watched on sunday and it was the best thing i have ever seen. i cried! oh and also my companion loves to sing so she made me go to choir practice on sunday and holy cow i dont know why i havent been singing my whole life hahaha. im born to sing. I JUST LOVE THE MTC.

 ive never been happier. i am writing a big letter today too for our family and a few others. i wish i had hours and hours to write and email! there is so much to say. i cant picture my life without being here, the days are long but the weeks are short! i feel like i got here yesterday. oh my gosh everything is so great. well except for the food! MOM. please send me almonds, and any other healthy snacks! i can't eat the food. i have been eating salad, soup, apples and PB and that's about it. except for ice cream hahahaha! but don't worry i'm not getting fat because my companion loves to run! we run every day. sooooo FOOOD por favor. 

gosh what else? here's a funny story! we have these dividers in our classroom so we dont get distracted and i left a pile of things over by the divider and i was reaching over to grab them and put my hand against the divider and KNOCKED THE WALL OVER IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS. i screamed hahahahahaha. so i am the same person lol. 

i just love all of you guys so much. i miss you all so much but luckily i'm not homesick. my companion has been keeping me soo strong. i love her! BLESSING. okay i am sending pictures. a lot of pictures hopefully. i love all of you so much! thank you for all that you do. i did my laudry at 5:45 this morning and realized how much you do for me mom. you're the best ever. i am sorry im the worst typer. i love you. my letter will be better and more detailed. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Hermana Williams

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