Sunday, November 24, 2013

Last week in el CCM


so this morning after we all got home from laundry i was putting everything away and then grabbed my bag to get out the letters i had written during laundry and guess what?!! my water bottle opened and spilled ALL over my bag. my bag was full of my letters, stationary, journal, ipod, speakers, camera.... the works. i was just about lay on the floor and yell "why me" when i grabbed my jounal and realized that all of the pages are wet but they didn't bleed through or stick together or anything! i knelt down and said a prayer of gratitude. luckily everything is okay too. my companions helped me dry off and blow dry everything. all is well! except the letters are all a little crinkly. lo siento!

this week has been absolutely amazing. i don't want to say i'm ready for the field because i have so much room to grow, but i am ready to be out in the field. yesterday we were practicing the invitation to be baptized with a member who is having doubts. Hermano Cuadra paired everyone up but me because our district has an odd number. well i guess who my partner was? Hermano Cuadra. i was so worried! i started out by saying "seguira el ejemplo de Jesucristo ser bautizado en el primero de Decembrie?" which means "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on the first of December?" well he said no and i asked him why he felt that way and he said because he had only been to church a few times. i then asked what he felt like when he went to church. he said he felt peaceful and happy. i said that if he made the decision to be baptized he could have that feeling with him at all times. the spirit was so strong and he told me that's what he wanted but that he was scared. i opened up to proverbs 3:5-7 and i told him that he had to TRUST the lord. i then asked him if he had the faith to pray right then to know if baptism was the right choice for him. it was so amazing! the spirit was so strong in that 5 minute lesson. i could feel my tongue being loosed by the spirit as i was teaching. i can't even imagine how wonderful that experience will be with an actual investigator! i am so ready to get to the field. in 5 days too! holy cow.

now for a funny story....... oh SUNDAY. so here is the back story..... every single day i tell my companions i want to chop my hair off. hahahaha. so on sunday after sacrament we had a free hour and went back to our apartment to write in our journals. well..... hermana schweitzer came in with her actual hair cutting scissors (her only experience with them is cutting her bangs) and goes "okay i'm ready to cut your hair!!!" i laughed and then went..... "wait. okay. as long as you promise not to ruin my hair" well we set up newspapers in the kitchen and i sat in the chair and she cut off three inches -___- i yelled the whole time hahahaha. but guess what??! it's my most favorite haircut i've ever had. mom don't worry, i'll send pictures later! oh man i have the best companions ever.

sunday night was also really great! the oldest district left on early monday morning to Uruguay. so we all gathered in the vending machine room sunday night for a song, prayer and testimony meeting. it was so sweet! we sang god be with you til we meet again so of course everyone was crying. those elders are the best! we were all best friends. it's so hard getting so close to other districts and getting ripped apart each week. we all wrote in each others journals and exchanged emails so i hope we stay in touch.

oh also.... thanks for the pressure to go to BYU mom. between you, HS and HD, and the elders, it is really working. what is happening!? dad write me an email and talk some sense into me!

oh my sweet family. i love you all so much! i keep having dreams about seeing you at the airport so come to the airport! i'll send you my travel plans but if you can't make it i understand! at least i'll be able to call you. i love each of you so much. i miss you but i love the MTC and i know i will love Mexico even more. serving a mission has been the best decision i've ever made!

oh i forgot! i'll be quick. in TRC last Friday, HS and i taught a couple who served in the Merida temple and got home two months ago. it was so neat to talk to them. they were so sweet! i've always wanted to serve a couples mission but after talking with them i KNOW i want to serve a couples mission. oh and one of the first thing they said was "mucho calour" which is VERY HOT. however right now it sounds a lot better than freezing. i'm so excited! i wish you could see how big i'm smiling right now thinking about mexico. go listen to that James Taylor song for me because i keep singing it and no one knows what i'm talking about and i don't have it on my ipod. hard life right?! it is KILLING me! i love you! so so much. have a great week.

Hermana Williams

PS pray for the people of Mexico with me


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