Thursday, November 14, 2013

Week 4


how are you all?!! this week has FLOWN by. we do service every thursday morning and on saturday night i said "holy cow you guys i can't believe we did service this morning, what a day" and HS and i fell on the floor laughing when she told me service was THREE DAYS AGO. my time in the MTC has gone so quickly!!

we get our travels plans on friday!!!! and BTW..... you all better be at the airport! i would love to see you. please please come! it will just be happy and fun and you can listen to me speak Spanish lol. i can't believe i'm really going to Mexico in 12 days!!! i don't want the MTC to end. i love it here! the district that came the week before i did is leaving THIS MONDAY. i am so sad. everyone in our district is so close! it's not fair that we might not EVER see them again! not fair at all. the only hope i have is to go to BYU when i get home. everyone is our zone is really the best of friends! our lunch table is so crowded with only our zone. it's always a race to get to the table. 

well this week has been so great. my companion and I teach a lesson almost every day and our lessons are getting much MUCH better! i am really learning how to rely on the spirit to guide me in my lessons. at first HS and i would write out a "script" of things we wanted to say but now we go into our lessons with a few small notes on a index card and teach with the spirit. the difference is amazing! i LOVE our "investigators" and i can hardly imagine what it will be like to teach the people in Merida. CHILLS. 

oh and exciting news! on friday we stopped by the creamery after gym (how horrible are we?) and i found out that the girl working went on a study abroad to MERIDA. she said it's amazing and the prettiest place and so so HOT.... which right now sounds much better than the freezing cold morning and nights. 

MOM! thank you SO much for the boots. you're the best! okay what else what else? i forgot my journal! 

OH FUNNY STORY. both of my teachers are out to embarrass our district. saturday morning Hermano Harris made us go out into the middle of the courtyard to start class and sing "angels we have heard on high" as loud as we can. all of the other missionaries walking by either stared or joined in hahahaha -__- and Hermano Cuadra to ANYONE that walks by or into our classroom says "mi misioneros solo habla en espanol" or something of the sort which means "my missionaries only speak in spanish" and he says it really sassy and it's so embarrassing. hahahahahaha i love them both so much. 

i am learning so much from my two sweet teachers! every lesson is the best lesson. my spanish has also really improved this week! my companion and i carry around a ring of vocab and quiz eachother wherever we go. i still can understand spanish much better than i can speak it though! i am so excited to be in mexico and to be fully immersed in the language. actually i'm really nervous too. i'm so bipolar about my feelings towards going to mexico! i am SO excited but i LOVE the MTC! however i know it's just a matter of leaving and once i'm in mexico it will be the new best place ever. i'll leave you with a scripture quote from revelations 3:16 "be hot or be cold, but don't be warm because God will throw up" it's real lol. look it up! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH. i am losing sleep because of the long prayers i say for each of you every night and that's not even including the 30 other prayers i say throughout the day. i love you i love you i love you! 

see you soon (actually really because i'll see you in 12 days)

Hermana Williams

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