Tuesday, December 10, 2013

mi familia!

its been another great week in mexico. i am so lucky to live here! i love the people here. especially the members of the ward! 

on monday night after our district meeting we were walking home hna infante had the impression that we needed to stop by and visit the valencia familiy. lin valencia is a single mother with six kids. she has very little and has been through many trials. when she opened the door her face lit up! she let us in and gave us fresh fruit and bread. she said she had been praying for us to come visit her the entire day but that she hadnt wanted to call and bother us. we sang a few navidad songs with her family prayed and shared a scripture and to cheer her up and towards the end of our visit she called us her angels! i am so grateful for the peace and comfort this gospel brings. i am also so grateful for the spirit of chirstmas cheer! it is everywhere! it is in our lessons when we sing hymns. in the lights covering centro. in the nativity scene outside of the merida temple! i really am so lucky to be spending the christmas season in mexico. 

last night was the church christmas devotional! did you all watch it? i loved seeing the conference center. it is so beautiful! i was in awe. i am so lucky to live 20 mintues from the conference center and from the salt lake temple. 

the work here is also so great! there is a lot of it too. we have two investigators, josephina and silvia that are good friends who take zumba classes together with hermana garcia who reffered them to us. they are both very catholic but have very open hearts. they are both reading from the book of mormon and josphina´s entire family is reading from the book of mormon. it os so amazing to see both of them and jospehina`s family grow and become so happy and close to god. 

i love the work here! i wish i could write more, i had to write my president a long email and i still need to send picturtes but i love you all so much. i hope you are all having great weeks. oh and we get to skype for 40 minutes on christmas!

i love you.

hermana williams

oh also funny story for the week. we got on the bus the other day and i handed the man my money and i turned around to grab the pole to make my way over to my seat and the bus driver stopped suddenly to pick someone else up and i fell right to the floor. im not kidding. the whole bus was laughing and i was laughing so hard that i couldnt breathe. i guess the only thing worse than that is tripping over a basketball -___-

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